29 foodtech power players of 2022 revolutionizing how restaurants operate and deliver amid a looming recession

The foodtech sector grew at a fast clip in the pandemic's first year as restaurants turned to online-ordering tools, virtual brands, and ghost kitchens to reach consumers. But sunny skies turned stormy in 2022 as the restaurant industry faced headwinds tied to market volatility, a labor shortage, and record inflation.

Independent Restaurants Turn to Google to Drive Digital Sales

With online ordering transforming the restaurant industry, independents are struggling to catch up with the digital transformations many major brands have undergone. Consequently, tech providers are looking to offer tools to help them compete — and offer consumers the frictionless convenience they have come to expect.

ItsaCheckmate's Founder and CEO was featured on Food Tech Podcast

Vishal Agarwal, founder and CEO at ItsaCheckmate, joins for the 15th episode. Agarwal started the platform to solve a problem with third-party delivery but the company has expanded to help restaurants integrate online ordering and delivery. He believes that third-party and first-party delivery can exist together and sees technology as a tool to help restaurants.

The hottest restaurant tech of 2020

2020 was a landmark year for restaurant technology. The pandemic forced the industry to rapidly innovate, resulting in years’ worth of tech adoption in a matter of months. Here are some highlights.

Inspire Brands to Invest in and Deploy ItsaCheckmate

Inspire Brands announced that it has entered into a preferred customer relationship with ItsaCheckmate, the leading solution that integrates multiple online ordering platforms into point-of-sale (POS) systems. Inspire will also be a strategic partner to ItsaCheckmate and has made an investment in the company’s Series A financing round. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Why Off-Premises Reconciliation is Suddenly Such a Big Deal

Then there are edge cases like chargebacks, one critical part of the reconciliation tool from ItsaCheckmate. Chargebacks happen in delivery, when a customer gets the wrong food or a bad experience, platforms typically comp the meal.

ItsaCheckmate Unveils Restaurant Accounting Reconciliation Solution To Eliminate Billing Inconsistencies and Simplify Financial Reporting

ItsaCheckmate’s technology is best in class, and consistently enables us to easily navigate longtime POS-related operational pain points,” said Zerrick Pearson, CIO of Five Guys. … ItsaCheckmate allows restaurateurs to focus on what matters: serving up delicious food and delightful dining experiences.

ItsaCheckmate Releases New Financial Management Solution

Accounting Reconciliation is another demonstration of how ItsaCheckmate is uniquely positioned to respond to the ever-evolving challenges of digital ordering," adds Vishal Agarwal, founder, and CEO of ItsaCheckmate.

Why integrations are the next major step in restaurant technology

Online Presence: In the past, restaurants had to manually upload and update accurate information across all of its discovery channels (website, Facebook, Google, etc.)

ItsaCheckmate expands partnership with Grubhub

ItsaCheckmate can help restaurateurs using Grubhub save time and costs of labor while reducing order errors. ItsaCheckmate automatically ingests digital orders and prints them out just like in-house orders, negating the need for busy staff to manually punch in orders from a tablet into the POS.

Sparks Fly as Restaurant Tech Execs Talk Operations

Comprised by ItsaCheckmate founder and CEO Vishal Agarwal, Square Head of Restaurants Bryan Solar, Tillster Chief Marketing Officer Hope Neiman and Omnivore Chief Revenue Officer Shane Whitlatch, the conversation delved into diverging ways of measuring digital adoption, how technology firms should price.

ItsaCheckmate integrates with Square for Restaurants

ItsaCheckmate has integrated with Square for Restaurants, enabling operations teams to streamline administrative tasks and better manage UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub and other digital orders.

Buffalo Wild Wings tests robotic chicken wing fryer

In September of last year, Inspire Brands also invested in POS integration platform ItsaCheckmate, which integrates multiple online ordering platforms into one POS system.

The Keys to Offering Both In-House and Third-Party Delivery

As Stefan Hertzberg, the Vice President of Partnerships with ItsaCheckmate, explains, “The marketplaces have rolled out a concept of ‘bring your own driver or courier’ over the last year or so, and that has led restaurants to try this in-house delivery model out

Hale & Hearty Soups Improves POS issues with Ordering Platform Appetize

For instance, the NetSuite integration helped Hale & Hearty’s accounting team visualize and report finances faster, and the ItsACheckMate integration helped employees reduce the time spent entering delivery and pickup orders from multiple 3rd-party delivery platforms.