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Multi-Platform Menu Management

Creating delivery-ready menus and keeping them up-to-date on multiple third-party platforms is time-consuming and can lead to order errors.


Toss the tablets and control your online orders and menus straight from your POS. From availability to operating hours, we'll sync any changes with the press of a button.

Open Tender. The New Standard of Online Ordering

With Open Tender, ItsaCheckmate expands its third-party ordering platform to include elegant, seamless, and scalable first-party ordering and guest engagement products to help restaurant operators become truly proficient in omnichannel digital ordering. Control both third-party and first-party channels from a single login.

From killer mobile apps and web ordering, to scan-order-pay, group and catering solutions, we have it all!



Be confident in the health of your digital ordering business, increase revenue and deliver better guest experiences. Protect every dollar of revenue and eliminate blind spots with our suite of "RAD" tools (Reports-Alerts-Dashboards).


A no-fuss, plug-n-play reporting tool that transforms all 3rd party ordering statements into a single unified format.

Reconcile works inside any corporate accounting process to reduce hours spent on time-draining, repetitive, error-prone, and low-value tasks to assemble consolidated 3rd Party Ordering Platform revenue reports.

Marketplace. Making Digital Transformation Fast and Simple

Optimize your restaurant's omnichannel presence with ItsaCheckmate's Marketplace. It provides battle-tested two-way APIs, enabling developers to offer solutions to any restaurant with just a few clicks. Explore our curated list of integration partners, ensuring hassle-free POS connections. From renowned third-party delivery platforms to innovative drone delivery services, we’re your connection!

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Menu & Order Management

Unlimited 3rd Party Integrations


Customizable Reports-Alerts-Dashboards


Instant Unified 3rd Party Statements with a Dedicated Refunds & Adjustments Report


per location/per month


Menu & Order Management

Unlimited 3rd Party Integrations


Customizable Reports-Alerts-Dashboards

Reconcile PLUS

  • All Reports in Reconcile and...
  • Net Variance Analysis Dashboard: POS vs. OP
  • In-Depth Cost Deduction Analysis for Unreconciled Transactions

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Trusted by Brands of All Sizes

“The adoption of digital channels in the restaurant industry has rapidly accelerated over the past few months and we see consumer demand for online ordering only continuing to grow.

ItsaCheckmate is an industry-leading solution to seamlessly integrate multiple online ordering platforms and expand guest access to our restaurants, all while decreasing complexity for team members.”

Paul Brown Co-founder & CEO @ Inspire Brands

“ItsaCheckmate has been a game-changer for the operations and overall profitability of my restaurant. My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume.”

Eddy Martin Owner @ Jets Pizza

“ItsaCheckmate streamlined third-party delivery orders by integrating them with our Revel POS system. We no longer have to monitor multiple tablets and manually accept orders or deal with order entry errors on the part of our staff.
When we have issues, ItsaCheckmate is quick to get back to us and resolve the problems, with each of our locations having a direct line of contact to their support team.”

Tinku Saini CEO & Co-Founder @ Tarka Indian Kitchen

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