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FSC Franchise Co.

FSC's franchise operators were previously struggling to effectively launch and manage their locations on the multiple DSPs utilized by FSC Franchise Co. Managing delivery orders via multiple tablets was leading to menu errors, order delays/errors, and required extra staff members to manage effectively.

  • 5x Reduction in IT staffing hours required to manage digital menus

Erbert & Gerbert's

Erbert & Gerbert's initially used another online order aggregator for their POS integration needs, but faced challenges in meeting particular requirements - specifically around controlling their third-party platform pricing and markups. Seeking an alternative solution, they switched to ItsaCheckmate at the recommendation of their POS provider Revel.

  • 25% of total sales revenue is now managed & processed via ItsaCheckmate on their integrated digital ordering platforms, bringing in incremental sales and boosting revenue. 
Erbert & Gerbert Subs 3

About ItsaCheckmate

Committed to providing unmatched digital ordering and integration solutions, ItsaCheckmate is a trusted partner in driving sustainable growth and profitability in the hospitality industry. ItsaCheckmate powers scalable first-party ordering, guest engagement solutions, and seamless integrations with leading third-party platforms, helping restaurants truly master omnichannel digital ordering. Its solutions are supported by robust analytics and reporting tools, which enable restaurants to manage and protect every dollar of revenue while optimizing operations.

ItsaCheckmate also houses a next-generation plug-and-play Marketplace solution, enabling restaurants to continually evolve their digital ordering strategies, keeping pace with industry trends. ItsaCheckmate’s suite empowers operators to control online orders and menus directly from their POS, ensuring real-time updates, increased profits, reduced order errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

ItsaCheckmate proudly works with over 23,000 global restaurant locations, integrating with 50+ POS systems and 100+ ordering platforms, including industry leaders like UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.