Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Digital Experience – Overnight

Mobile App. Web Ordering. Kiosk. Scan-Order-Pay. Loyalty & More.


Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Digital Experience – Overnight

Mobile App. Web Ordering. Kiosk. Scan-Order-Pay. Loyalty & More.


One Company. Many Solutions

First-party and third-party channels are not an “either-or” conversation anymore. With Open Tender, ItsaCheckmate expands its third-party ordering platform to include elegant, seamless and scalable first-party ordering and guest engagement products to help restaurant operators become truly proficient in omni-channel digital ordering. This solution now enables restaurants to manage their first-party and third-party channels through a single login.

Endless Features
Assured To Delight

  • Uniquely Yours Infinitely customizable, with or without a developer
  • Frictionless Loyalty Seamlessly reward your regulars across all channels
  • Curbside Convenience Keep guests informed about order statuses through push notifications, SMS, Emails and more
  • A Complete Solution Win with amazing scan-order-pay, group ordering and catering solutions
  • Deals & Upsells Steer your guests towards high-margin items with personalized food recommendations
  • Super Fast (Re)Ordering Favorites and recent items. One-click reordering. Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Even Faster Onboarding Open source and dev-friendly. Launch in days, not weeks or months

The new standard of online ordering is HERE!


Mobile App

The most innovative and  customizable app on the planet

Launch a killer app that’s every bit as good as those of the largest restaurant brands.

Packed with high-value features and fully customized for your brand’s aesthetic, the Open Tender Mobile App allows you to offer a mobile experience that is second to none.

Open Tender sets a new standard for branded first-party apps, giving you unprecedented access to design and user experience settings.

Web Ordering

All the features of our mobile app and then some!

Web ordering that adapts to the unique needs of your brand, not the other way around!

Beautiful on any device, your customers will have a great experience regardless of where they're ordering.

From scan-order-pay to group ordering and catering, Open Tender is the only solution to provide a complete digital ordering experience to your customers.



Pair intuitive controls with a beautiful design to fulfill large orders at scale

We streamline restaurant catering, making it both simple and profitable. Tap into a range of tools to enhance your digital ordering program, including custom menus, flexible order creation, and easy integration with delivery services.

Manage your catering effortlessly with specialized menus, billing workflow integrations, and other distinct rules. Enhance customer engagement with coupons, special pricing, and unique fees. Plus, leverage more than 50 additional features to boost your catering revenue.



Self-ordering solutions your guests will love

Designed to run on any device, our kiosk provides a serverless ordering experience for customers who want more convenience and customization when ordering in-store.

Accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and traditional EMV, and increase your average check with upsells - our kiosk never forgets to make a friendly suggestion.

Orders can be routed seamlessly to your POS for faster order fulfillment, reducing wait times and increasing staff productivity.

Setup is as easy as...

I am ready

Open Tender expands the functionality of ItsaCheckmate, which integrates orders from online ordering platforms directly into your POS. We help restaurateurs ditch the tablets and delivery headaches with powerful integrations, managed menus, and more.