A no-fuss, plug-n-play reporting tool

that transforms all 3rd party ordering statements into a single unified format


'Reconcile' Works Inside Any Accounting Process to...


Automatically ingest, format, and present a unified view of all your disparate 3rd party financial statements 


Provide transaction-level details for all your orders, using the same information found in the financial section of your 3rd party platforms


Focus on the reconciliation process by eliminating manual data extraction activities


Significantly reduce audit times from quarterly/ monthly to weekly

Packages & Reports


Reconcile is the ultimate solution for restaurants of all sizes looking to streamline their operations by eliminating low-value, time-draining and repetitive data extraction tasks.

All we need is access to your 3rd party Ordering Platform statements and we'll consolidate everything into unified and usable datasets.

Reconcile PLUS

Revenue between your POS and Ordering Platforms not matching?

Our PLUS upgrade solves the problem of reconciling POS receivables to the revenue reported by 3rd party platforms and ensures it ties to the final bank deposit. This solution compares order-level details and surfaces any orders that did not match in either direction.

Trusted By The Biggest Brands

“ ItsaCheckmate’s technology is best in class, and consistently enables us to easily navigate longtime POS-related operational pain points. ”

"What a tremendous solution. I am beyond impressed after spending an hour on the Reconcile platform. I have quickly found key information/insights we have wanted to understand for quite some time. Thank you!"

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Zerrick Pearson l CIO, FIVE GUYS
Jeffrey Gelwix (CPA) l President at Pacific Drive-Ins, Sonic
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Reconcile expands the functionality of the Core ItsaCheckmate solution, which integrates orders from online Ordering Platforms directly into your POS. We help restaurateurs ditch the tablets and delivery headaches with powerful POS-Ordering Platform integrations, managed menus and more.