A Better Way to Monitor Revenue

Be confident in the health of your digital ordering business, increase revenue and deliver better guest experiences


More Than Just a Dashboard

Insights is not just another dashboard that gives a summarized view of a restaurant’s operations, but a suite of three complementary tools whose primary function is to deliver timely notifications and actionable items to restaurant operators of all sizes.

In developing these tools, we listened to our restaurant customers and realized that a dashboard alone wasn't enough. More was needed to help our restaurants better monitor their digital ordering revenue. With that in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work…

A "RAD" Approach
to Maximize Your Digital Ordering Business

Insights was developed using a “RAD” approach and consists of a suite of unique and customizable Reports, Alerts, and Dashboards all carefully designed to help restaurant operators eliminate blindspots and maximize the revenue of their digital ordering business.


Clarity and transparency on things that matter

Insights Reports gives restaurant operators the ability to look at the details of their digital ordering channels to review, audit and take corrective actions quickly.

  • Offline Status Report - Understand who turned a location off, along with the duration and reason why
  • Order Cancellation Report - Clubs all canceled orders in one report and shows where those orders originated
  • Order Summary Historical Report - The information you need to connect the dots to find trends and patterns in your digital ordering business


Helping you protect every dollar of revenue

Operating a fast-paced restaurant sometimes means forgetting to take important actions resulting in missed opportunities. Insights Alerts notifies and reminds you about important and actionable items to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Indefinitely Sold Out or Offline - Get notified when locations are offline and when 86d items should be turned back on
  • Changes Made But Not Published - An important reminder about changes made to menu items, locations, or ordering platforms that are not published
  • Revenue Fluctuations - A critical alert when revenue from ordering platforms drop, providing you details to take immediate action


Essential data to know what's happening at a glance

Insights Dashboards is an important tool to help monitor the overall health of your digital ordering channels.

  • A comprehensive overview of data from different sources including orders processed, sales generated and average ticket size
  • Critical information on location statuses, order errors and much more
  • Dashboards save you hours by avoiding manual data consolidation in spreadsheets

Insights expands the functionality of the Core ItsaCheckmate solution, which integrates orders from online ordering platforms directly into your POS. We help restaurateurs ditch the tablets and delivery headaches with powerful POS-ordering platform integrations, managed menus and more.