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ItsaCheckmate, a market-leading restaurant technology provider announces its partnership with Sauce, the world's first native chat ordering solution for restaurants to help reach potential customers everywhere. With restaurants using ItsaCheckmate, they are able to accept orders from over 100 different ordering platforms, like Sauce, and integrate them directly into their existing Point of Sale system. There are no additional tablets or printers, and orders from this wide range of platforms will flow right into the kitchen printers or display screens that are already in place. ItsaCheckmate took a slightly different approach to this partnership, as they saw a real opportunity when it comes to restaurants interested in targeting millennial consumers, who will look to order food via social media & messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger.

Sauce has quite a unique offering for restaurants, helping them to not only grow their direct online sales and delivery, but reach potential customers in an entirely fresh environment for food ordering. They work in parallel to other Third-Party ordering platforms, not against them - which is where the real revenue potential exists for restaurants. It’s not an all or nothing approach, it’s a compliment to the existing platforms you are already working with.

Consumers are now able to order directly from Facebook Messenger via the Sauce software, and when integrated - those orders from Facebook will go right into a restaurant POS system, and print in their kitchen.

Within a few weeks we had seen a clear increase in overall online sales, ROI and doubled our mobile app sales.

Before we added Sauce to our arsenal we were using Website Ordering, a Mobile App, Doordash, GrubHub, UberEats and Postmates but we were seeing low ROI and margins.i>

We started working with Sauce Team and they installed a Facebook Messenger ordering and retargeting product for our brand.

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Sauce has gained considerable traction as they have been able to show restaurants that they can provide a roughly 2x increase in the amount of orders received compared to mobile-web ordering (sample of 5,000 users) thanks in part to Sauce’s fully automated retargeting and ease of use.

In addition to the branded messaging order, Sauce also has a network of drivers across 4,000 cities worldwide via Sauce Delivery Dispatch. They also provided mobile-friendly, intuitive website ordering solutions for restaurants.

Through the new ItsaCheckmate-Sauce partnership, customers can now place orders where they spend most of their time, and have orders sent out directly to the restaurant POS to streamline operations and reduce the significant labor costs.


The partnership with Sauce is a game-changer for our current and future restaurant partners. Being able to reach a potential consumer where they are spending a large portion of their time (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.) via re-targeting and branded offers, but also enabling them to order in the same place is incredibly compelling.

Stefan Hertzberg

Director of Strategic Partnerships
ItsaCheckmate, Inc.

Stefan Hertzberg

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