The Center of your Digital Ordering Business

Its a two-way integration layer between your point of sale (POS) system and the evolving digital ordering ecosystem

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Our Vision

To democratize restaurant technology- ItsaCheckmate's restaurant technology platform and customized service solution helps restaurant operators of all sizes grow their multi-channel digital ordering business, profitably.


3 Million daily active Users


Over 7K open job positions


Over 10 Million Stories

Our Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to supercharge yor digital ordering business,
save time and improve labor efficiency
Order Integration

Take control of all your ordering platforms with our DIY features

With ItsaCheckmate, operators can toss the tablets in a drawer and control their online orders and menus straight from their POS - updating everything from item availability, and operating hours to pricing.

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Make key decisions based on actionable business data

ItsaCheckmate Insights empowers you with dashboards & reports to help you identify gaps & opportunities in your digital ordering business. Easily see what's driving your 3rd party business.

Account Reconciliation

Easily identify descrepancies and save money

an easy-to-use reporting tool that helps you identify accounting differences between your POS, bank statements, and ordering platforms. Perform transaction-level reconciliation using a single screen.


Our Integrations

ItsaCheckmate proudly works with 100+ ordering platforms and 50+ POS systems. Say goodbye to bouncing between tablets and apps. We have integrated with leading platforms across the country and the globe to ensure food orders get seamlessly processed by your POS

POS Integration

Learn about Ordering Platform Integrations

Learn about Restaraunt Direct
(An Integration with order with google)

The ItsaCheckmate Avantage

ItsaCheckmate allows restaurants to focus on what matters most- serving up delicious food and delightful dining experiences. in parallel, ItsaCheckmate focuses on building a strong ecosystem around you - a robust platform, focused teams and meaningful integrations.

ItsaCheckmate Pricing

Our flat monthly pricing structure is straightforward wihtout any hidden or set-up fees. We stand by our solutions and design everything around “ease of doing business”.

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Trusted By Over 20,000 Customers

“Partnering with ItsaCheckmate has proven to be a domino effect of great benefits, including increased sales without adding operations complexity, enhanced menu management capabilities and next-level service with an attentive and responsive support team...”

Abbey Ramsey,
Director of Marketing

“ItsaCheckmate has been a game-changer for the operations, and overall profitability of my restaurant. My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume...”

Eddy Martin,

“The adoption of digital channels in the restaurant industry has rapidly accelerated over the past few months, and we see consumer demand for online ordering only continuing to grow...”

Paul Brown,
co-founder & CEO

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